5 Creative Bed Canopy Ideas

A bed canopy can make a bedroom appear more cozy and intimate, and it can be a fun project to design and create your own. Rather than stick with a simple bed, opt for a canopy top that will make the room stand out. Before you decide it is too much work to create a canopy top, read on for some creative ideas that are simple for anyone.


A canopy can be made from various things including sheets, comforters and even mesh from local fabric and design centers. First, decide what color or pattern you want for the canopy. Then pick a style, thinking about how it will blend in with the other bedding and furniture that is already in place in the bedroom.

Before you purchase any fabric, measure the amount you need to complete the job. If you choose sheets or curtains to use as a canopy top, be sure they are large enough to cover the area that will serve as the canopy. You can take measurements with you to the fabric store for best results.

Idea #1: Shabby Chic

Colorful quilts can make for a great canopy topper and the shabby chic appearance. If a quilt doesn’t work, try a soft, light comforter with a paisley, striped or floral print. Drape the piece over the 4 posts, and tie each corner with velvet ribbon or attractive curtain tie to fasten and keep in place.

Idea #2: Enclose It

Tie elegant curtains or simple sheers around the bed’s 4 posters to close in the bed and make it more intimate. Sheer curtains are light enough to tie around the posts without looking too heavy or out of place. Simply tie each corner in a knot around the posts for a pretty, simple and clean look. You can also use ribbon, fringe or other embellishments you find at a fabric or upholstery store. Make sure you buy enough yardage to tie all 4 sides without coming up short.

Idea: #3: In the Jungle

Try hanging a lightweight mosquito net over the top frame to make it look like a tropical tent. Drape it so it looks as if you are enclosed in a world all your own. You can find this type of net at any camping or outdoor store that sells camping equipment and supplies.

Idea #4: Fun Fringe

Use a decorative sheet from corner to corner, and then add fringe trim. Sew the fringe on the edges with a strong upholstery thread and let it hang down.

Idea #5: Up, Up and Away

For a kid’s bed, make a whimsical canopy using their favorite Superhero or animated character from TV with sheets available at home good or home improvement stores. Also, add a set of curtains or sheers that can be tied on each corner to make the canopy their own sanctuary actuary.