5 Creatively Fun DIY Wine Storage Ideas!

Bring on the wine (and the wine storage project)!
bottle and glass of red wine

Summer is right around the corner and we’re already prepping ourselves for the endless garden parties, family reunions, graduations, holiday celebrations, and – let’s face it – any other excuse to gather outside in the warm summer air and enjoy a glass of Merlot with friends and family! Then it hits you; amidst all the summer planning, you hit one crucial roadblock… where on earth can I store all of the wine?

Your passion for a memorable summer with an endless flood of wine should not be cut short due to the limited space within your home. While not many of us have the luxury of wine cellars or wine tasting rooms, there are ways to make space for our collections (even in the smallest of homes).

Here we break down five nifty DIY ideas and projects that will allow you to add a touch of extravagance and luxury to your home, while making your wine collection the talk of the town!

1. Repurpose Old Furniture
diy bookcase wine storage

Most of us are in possession of an old book case in desperate need of some love. Now that our world is increasingly becoming digital, there’s less likelihood that your old book case is going to be the home of your burgeoning literature collection any time soon. Instead of throwing it out or filling the shelves with framed pictures from vacation, why not get creative and turn it into your new wine storage shelf?

An added bonus of the book shelf turned wine storage spot is that your creativity can run wild here! Add patterns and colors to the existing book shelf frame to really let your personality shine through.

Alternatively, try repurposing an old dresser. Remove drawers and replace them with pieces from an old wine rack (or DIY it with a router).

Image source: La Crema

2. Make Your Wine Collection a Work of Art
surfboard wall wine rack

Yes, we literally mean a work of art.

What better way to make your wine collection the talking point of the house than to store it in its very own work of art? This is your opportunity to really let your creativity run wild. 

Take this opportunity to show off your woodworking and sculpting skills. Remember the clay and pottery classes you took in college? Put those skills to use so friends and family can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Or how about you wow the whole neighborhood by showing off the glassblowing skills you learned during your summer abroad.

Image source: Klineworks

3. Build Your Own Wall-Mounted Wine Rack
wall-mounted wine rack

If you’re ready to take on a bigger project, a wall-mounted wine rack may be the best choice for you. This simple-to-assemble wine rack can be customized to fit in any space in your house. Between length, depth, width, height, and capacity, customization is limitless! And, your color choices can make a bold statement that compliments your wine collection or blends in nicely with your existing home décor.

Go ahead, grab your keys, and head to your local lumber store to gather the materials!

Image source: Home Interior Help

4. Utilize Under Staircase Space
Under staircase wine space

Many of us have space under our stairs that is currently occupied by our random collection of ‘stuff to sort out.’ With the spring cleaning season is upon us, take some time to clear the clutter and prepare it for your new wine storage spot!

You could take your newly built wall-mounted wine rack and secure it under the staircase. Or, you can customize some store-bought wine-racks and create a perfect wine storage spot under your stairs.

Depending on your home's structure, this may require a contractor. But, if you have basic DIY skills and are comfortable with drywall, wood, and power tools, you should be able to design your own dream wine storage space.

Image source: Houzz via Forbes

5. Turn an Old Shipping Pallet into Rustic Wine Shelving
wood wine storage shelf

If you have been looking for a way to add a touch of rustic flair to your home, but simply don’t know where to start, an old shipping pallet may be perfect place to start. This is perhaps the simplest DIY project on the list, with arguably the most effective and desirable results.

Image source: Recession Home