5 Dangers of Avoiding an Airbag Replacement 5 Dangers of Avoiding an Airbag Replacement

Many auto manufacturers recommend airbag replacement in a vehicle that is over 10 years old. Also, in case of a collision, if an airbag is deployed, it must be replaced. Airbag replacement is expensive and can cost up to $1000. As a result, many vehicle owners do not consider it worthwhile to replace the airbag, especially if their vehicle is very old. However, avoiding an airbag replacement is risky and can expose you to several dangers.

Lack of Protection During Front and Side Impacts

The basic function of an airbag is to deploy in a fraction of a second during a collision. Airbags deploy at high speeds, forming a protective, restraining barrier between the passenger and other hard objects. As a result, airbags protect the passengers from striking objects in the car at very high speed and force. Airbags have been in use since the early 1970’s. Over time, statistics have shown that the use of airbags can prevent a large number of fatalities and serious injuries. Early airbags were reserved for the driver side, but nowadays modern vehicles have several airbags. They offer protection at the front, side and even from the glass on the sides. By not replacing an airbag when required, the occupants in the vehicle can strike objects in the car during an accident, which can lead to fatal injuries.

Higher Risk of Fatal Injuries and Death

Along with seat belts, airbags are vital safety components in any vehicle. Proper use of these mechanisms has saved millions of lives over the years. A vehicle owner who avoids airbag replacement will directly strike the steering wheel, the window or another hard, sharp object during a collision, depending on which direction it is from. Passengers in the vehicle are also exposed to the same risks.

Risk of Dislodgement

The force and impact of a vehicle collision can be so great that it can dislodge seats and its occupants. An airbag restrains the occupants of a vehicle inside and protects them from being dislodged and thrown from vehicles.

Chance of Head Trauma

During a collision, chances are high that the head may be hit with a sharp or hard object. Head trauma may cause death or leave lasting injuries and can sometimes paralyze the person. To reduce the possibility of such accidents, airbag replacement must be performed when necessary.

Higher Insurance Rates

Because airbags help increase the safety of the occupants in a vehicle, they play an important role in insurance rates. Working airbags can help reduce your auto insurance rates. If the airbags in your vehicle are expired or damaged, you will have to pay higher insurance rates.

Safety Considerations Concerning Airbags

Though airbags save lives, there are some safety concerns regarding the occupants of a car in case an airbag deploys. Children can be seriously injured by the force of an airbag. It is therefore important to protect them in car seats in the rear of the vehicle. Also, drivers must sit at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel, because a smaller gap increases the chances of injury if the airbag is deployed.

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