5 Decorative Accent Ideas for Digital Picture Frames 5 Decorative Accent Ideas for Digital Picture Frames

Decorative accent ideas are a fantastic way to give digital picture frames a fresh look. Most standard digital frames come in a range of confined colors and styles. Therefore, it's important you know how to make subtle changes to give the accent of the picture frame a stronger presence. This will allow you to treasure your memories in a range of warming and meaningful ways.

1. Grouping

Grouping a number of digital frames together in one space can create a very strong accent and they can even be used to tell a story. Placing three or four frames together on a sideboard could tell the story of how children grew up or of how a couple met, fell in love and got married. This is one of the simplest ideas for digital picture frames.

2. Enhance an Area

Using digital picture frames in specific areas of your home also create a strong accent. Choosing three or four pictures at random and placing them in the greeting area of your home will promote a traditional family-orientated feeling. This is a very good way of using digital picture frames if you have family, friends and guests over regularly. Another way to enhance the accent of an area is to use small frames in small spaces and large frames in larger spaces. This will emphasize the power of a particular room.

3. Enhancing Favorite Items

Use the digital picture frames to enhance pieces of furniture. Placing small sets of picture frames in front of a beautiful flower vase will shift the emphasis onto the vase. It will make the vase more dominating and therefore, it will catch the eye more easily.

Two pictures either side of a large clock will actually make the clock seem bigger and turn it into a centerpiece. You could also consider placing your proudest pictures on top of your most elegant or expensive table. It would be a fitting way to display the memories you are most fond of.

4. Colors

Although the colors of digital picture frames are limited, it is important you choose the correct one to compliment your home. If you have very light colored walls, you will need a similar or contrasting picture frames. This will get rid of any hard differences between the picture frame and surrounding walls or furniture. Try to match the individual colors of your frames to the color schemes of a particular room.

5. Staggering

There is no harm at all in jazzing up your home with a decorative staggered accent. Staggering digital picture frames is the best way to do this. Use three or four pictures and stagger them at different heights along the wall leading you to the top of the stairs. This will allow someone to be taken along a story just by walking up to a bedroom or bathroom. It's also a good way to show you know about modern decorative accent ideas and can think further than just a few pictures on a table.

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