5 Decorative Designs for a Feature Wall 5 Decorative Designs for a Feature Wall

When you are trying to create a feature wall, there are many decorative designs you can use use. Here are 5 easy ways to spruce up a focal point in your home.

Accent with Paint

Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to create a dramatic wall feature. You can simply paint the feature wall a different, darker color than the rest of the walls in the room. Or paint the other 3 walls with 2 colors with a chair rail in the middle. On the feature wall choose the most dramatic of the 2 colors and omit the chair rail and color the whole wall in that paint. This will automatically make your wall stand out. You can also get creative with paint. Stencil the feature wall with a design, from top to bottom. Damask prints are extremely popular. Or you can do stripes using 2 different colors. Chalk line the grid, so the stencils are lined up properly.

Decorate with Pictures

This is a fun way to personalize a wall in your home. Gather a group of family pictures that you love. Enlarge them. Make different sizes and some in color and some in black and white. Find frames to showcase these pictures. Arrange them so that the whole wall is covered in family pictures. Add some quotes about family to break up the frames and add a special touch. You can either buy these quotes in vinyl lettering or paint the words on using a stencil. Your guests will love marveling at the wall and enjoying the pictures. You could also print quotes off your home computer, and fill some of the frames with these quotes and some with pictures. This wall will be a cluster and unique display of frames. Don't worry about being too symmetrical or unified. The variation of frames will give your guests plenty to look at.  

Expand with Mirrors

Molding and mirrors are a great way to make a feature wall. Buy some plain mirrors, be sure to get them big enough to cover a good amount of the wall. Buy 5, so 1 can act as the center mirror, with 2 on either side. Buy a molding that suits your style. Cut the molding into 45 degree angles to create a frame. Rout the inside so that the mirror sits flush inside of it. You can even cut frames of molding to add to the bottom of the wall, under the mirrors, with just the paint showing through the frame. The end look will be very elegant.

Theme Ideas

Another way to create a feature wall is to theme 1 wall. It can be a display of artwork. All different size frames and artists. You can make a clock wall and collect all different size and color clocks. Add a quote to the top of the wall, "Time is not measure by moments in time, but by timeless moments." You could choose a topic, for example, birds. Find different artwork to compliment a bird theme. Hang a birdcage to add a three dimension touch. Create a sconce wall with all different types and styles of sconces. Add beautiful candles. This will create an romantic feel for a room.

3-D Accents

To really make a feature wall that "pops", think about adding touches that make the wall three-dimensional. Commonly, people will hang flat objects on the wall. By adding a shelf with decorative items, the wall will really stand out. Consider leaning pictures on a shelf rather than just hanging them. Accent any feature wall with plants and create a feeling like the wall is projected into a room rather than just enclosing the room.

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