5 Design Tips for Using Decorative Copper 5 Design Tips for Using Decorative Copper

Decorative copper has a number of different uses around the home that can be practical as well as visually appealing. Different copper finishes will give different results. Small items can be used, such as copper railings and light fixtures, as well as larger items, such as vases and sinks.

Decorative Copper Awnings

Copper awnings require very little maintenance. They are typically custom-made to fit in with the doors and windows in your home. One advantage of copper awnings is that as they age, they become darker and more visually appealing. They are best used in old style homes and they can be used both internally and externally. If you do plan on using them outdoors, check that they have been treated to withstand all weathers.

Copper Bowls

Using copper bowls around the home is one of the best design tips to follow. There are a wide variety of different designs available to suit different tastes. Whether you have an old fashioned home or a modern design, copper bowls will never look out of place.

Placing a bowl on a coffee table in the middle of the room will provide a beautiful centerpiece. You could also use your decorative copper bowl as a fruit bowl. If you are aiming for an antique style, look out for bowls from the Victorian era. Even if these prove difficult to locate, most copper pieces will give an antique appearance anyway.   

Copper Picture Frame

Copper picture frames can add great beauty to any room in the home. Try placing them in the living room or the bedroom. They are best hung on warm colored walls. Most copper picture frames tend to come with a black background to help the color of the frame stand out. If hung correctly and with good taste, they can look extremely elegant. Matching copper light fixtures and copper curtain railings would also help to bring out the best in your decorative copper themes.

Copper Wall Plates

Copper wall plates are a good alternative to copper pictures. They take up little room yet really catch the eye. If you want to stick to designer wall plates, opt for Mexican pieces. Mexican copper designers are thought to be the best in the world. Hardgrave Egyptian-style copper wall plates are fantastic for creating a unique antique effect. The best advice is to keep the wall plate simple. simple designs can still make a statement but it is a subtle accent that will not look out of place or appear gaudy.

Decorative Copper Trays

Impress your guests and serve coffee and tea in a beautiful decorative copper tray. The most popular designs includes a tray with a detailed etched landscape design. These are simple, stylish items and are quite easy to find. Hammered copper trays are also very popular. Some copper trays can double up as wall hangings which give you a number of different usage options to match your personal preferences.

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