5 Different Finishes for Glass Shelf Brackets

Glass shelf brackets are the metal or wood pieces that attach to the wall and hold the glass shelf in place. These brackets come in a variety of sizes and styles. When purchasing glass shelf brackets, you will need to note the maximum load of the brackets. This is important because you don’t want to purchase a shelf that isn’t sturdy enough for the items you plan to place there. Besides the technical details, you will need to decide on a finish for your glass shelf brackets. Glass shelf brackets come in a wide range of finishes. No matter your home décor, you can find glass shelf brackets that are complimentary. Five of the most popular finishes are chrome, frosted chrome, wrought iron, enamel and distressed.

1 - Chrome

Chrome is by far the most popular finish in glass shelf brackets. Because of the neutral color, chrome can fit into any color scheme with no problem. Chrome is the first choice of those with a modern or minimalist design aesthetic. The glossy finish of chrome glass shelf brackets also works well with a glamorous contemporary design. You should be able to find chrome glass shelf brackets at your local home improvement store. 

2 - Frosted Chrome

A more elegant version of the chrome glass shelf bracket is the frosted chrome glass shelf bracket. Though it is still amazingly versatile and fits with contemporary, modern, and minimalist designs, the softer finish makes this bracket a little less edgy. This extra bit of softness makes a frosted chrome shelf bracket a fit for a more eclectic home décor design. These brackets should be easily found at your local home improvement store. 

3 - Wrought Iron

You can find a number of glass shelf brackets in wrought iron. More times than not, these brackets have a more traditional and ornate design. They probably wouldn’t be the best choice for a person that likes clean lines and open spaces. Wrought iron shelf brackets can be rather expensive. However, you can find glass shelf brackets that have been treated in such a way that they look like wrought iron at a fraction of the cost. Wrought iron brackets aren’t found as easily as the chrome variety, however, design centers and online shops will offer a large variety.

4 - Enamel

Most glass shelf brackets aren’t actually finished with enamel. However, they are finished in such a way that they have the high shine and rich color of authentic enamel. With a large color variety, enamel finished glass shelf brackets can be matched to almost any color scheme. They are harder to find, however, they are worth the search.

5 - Distressed

Glass shelf brackets are also available in a distressed finish. Wood and metal glass shelf brackets are most easily found in a distressed finish. A glass shelf bracket can balance a very glamorous room or can work great in a rustic design scheme. Distressed glass shelf brackets also wear very well because scratches and minor damage isn’t much noticed on the finish.

If you are in the market for glass shelf brackets, take a look at these popular finishes before you make your final selection.