5 Different Fireplace Hearth Rugs to Choose From

The fireplace hearth rug can change the entire look of a fireplace. Not only do they look nice, but some of them serve a function. Here are a few options when choosing which rug is right for you.

Nylon Rugs

Nylon rugs will hold up even under the toughest of circumstances. These are great to have if you have small children or pets running around your home. Nylon also has a higher melting point compared to other synthetic materials, so you won’t see as many burn spots.

Fiberglass Rugs

Fiberglass hearth rugs are also very sturdy. They will not melt or catch fire, so they offer great protection for the flooring underneath.

Wool Rugs

If you don’t have small children or pets, then a wool rug may be right for you. Most are treated with fire retardant to protect the flooring. They are also generally available in many more colors, patterns and styles than the other options.

Bamboo Rugs

These contemporary rugs are great if you don’t have children or pets. They are also generally treated to prevent fires, but they will show burn marks easily. They take a little more care and consideration than the other choices.

Regardless of your lifestyle and needs, you are sure to find a fireplace hearth rug that will compliment your home.