5 Different Types of Anchor Bolts Explained

When undertaking many types of construction work, you will find that anchor bolts come into the equation to secure a variety of items into place. Being aware of the different types of bolts available will ensure that you use the correct fasteners for the job.

1. Concrete

When it is necessary to attach items to a concrete surface, concrete anchor bolts can be used for this purpose. The number of bolts required will depend on the size of the additional structure, but the screw action of the bolt will create a firm attachment so an excessive quantity will not be necessary. These types of bolt can often be used with an attachment that will enable it to be pulled from its recess as well as being pushed into it.      

2. Wall

Wall anchor bolts are deceptively named as they can be used for a wider range of tasks than just for walls. However, it tends to be mainly used for walls and is suitable to be used with a range of materials, such as concrete and sheetrock. Besides attaching materials, it is also a method that can be used to prepare the wall to be connected with an additional component. It can also be used with other projects such as repair to the foundation or installation of waterproofing or a sump pump.   

3. Floor

Floorboards or wood panels that are used as sub-flooring can be secured in place with floor anchor bolts. This will ensure that the panels or floorboards remain smooth and even in readiness for the flooring method that will lay atop it. The bolts are suitable for use with any type of material that the floor is made from.

4. Expansion

In the event that it is necessary to secure heavy loads, it is best to use expansion anchor bolts as they are designed to distribute the weight it carries evenly. Accordingly, they are capable of withstanding a significant amount of force and movement from vibrations. Expansion bolts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes as different versions are more suitable for different tasks. The two main types of this bolt is single and double expansion. While a single expansion bolt looks like a basic anchor bolt, a double expansion bolt comprises three separate components. The nut, cone and protective tube shield that make up the bolt will need to be assembled before it can be used as a single piece. The bolt of a single expansion anchor bolt can be removed and replaced without the ability of the casing being affected. They are suitable to be used with all types of masonry material.   

5. Special

Where there are particular projects that require certain types of anchor bolt, special types are available to accommodate out the ordinary projects. In addition to the various sizes that the bolts are available in, they can also be found in a U or J shape which can make them more appropriate when trying to secure particular areas.