5 Different Types of Pegboard Accessories

Pegboards won't work well for you without pegboard accessories. You'll need a few of them to hang, store or display items in your closet. There are entire pegboard accessory kits on the market, or you can pick and choose individual items as you see fit. Here are 5 different types that will help you organize your pegboard.

1. Hooks

Hooks are a must-have for your pegboards. It's a good idea to buy them in different shapes, lengths and widths so that you have many options for wall storage. Here's a short list of hooks to look for:

  • Single hooks
  • Double hooks
  • Angle hooks
  • Curved hooks
  • Loop Hooks

When you buy hooks, make sure that the manufacturer states that it will fit any standard pegboard. You might switch the pegboard material you use down the road, and you'll want your pegboard accessories to work no matter what. Ones made of tough grade polymer are the best.

2. Pegboard Long Shelf

These are narrow, long shelves that are held up by clamps that attach to the pegboard. It holds the items you don't want to hang up on hooks. For example, you can store an extra pair of glasses or sunglasses on it. The hooks wouldn't work, because your glasses would slide off and break. Other options for storage on the shelf include a clock or key chains. Blomus makes a stainless steel long shelf with a clean matte finish to accompany its pegboards. However, as with most pegboard accessories, you can use it on many other pegboards.

3. Multiple Tool Holders

If you've bought a pegboard to organize your tools, you'll need a variety of tool holders. These are superior to ordinary hooks, because they're designed to hold the weight of your tools and keep them on the pegboard. There are a few options for tool holders, such as:

  • Drill holder hook
  • Angle multiple tool holder
  • Loop multiple tool holder
  • Wrench holder
  • Screwdriver holder
  • Pliers holder

These pegboard accessories will hold your work tools, and keep them organized for easy use. You won't have to worry about tools falling out and hurting your foot or causing other injuries if you use the right tool holders.

4. Tool Trays

Once your tools are organized, you'll need something to hold the nuts and bolts. You could throw them in a tool kit, or you could use your pegboard to store them instead. The tool tray attaches to the pegboard like a long shelf, but it's different because it can open and close after each use. The trays are usually made of plastic.

5. Hanging Bins

These work like miniature tool trays, without a cover that opens and shuts. Hanging bins are convenient to store just about anything, such as hair pins, jewelery beads, nails or small items that you need stored. They're 2 to 3 inches high and 3/8 to 1/2 inch deep, which makes them easy to arrange multiple bins on your pegboards.

The best way to buy what you need is to find a kit that contains at least these 5 different types of pegboard accessories. You may have extras, but they'll come in handy when you add more pegboards or need to replace old accessories.