5 Easy Steps for Building Your Own Kitchen Island

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What You'll Need
A repurposed dresser 34 inches tall A wood board 36 inches by 32 inches Wood trim tape An iron Wood glue Wood Stain Varathane Paint Paint brushes Bead board wallpaper Decorative shelf mounts A screwdriver Pliers Screws Decorative baskets

Many of today’s newly constructed kitchens come with an island for added storage, counter space and aesthetic appeal. If you find your kitchen is lacking space and you’d like more room to store your cooking items or for working on projects, you can easily create your own island without spending a lot of money.

Step 1

Prepare your old dresser by removing all of the drawers. Remove any trim inside of the drawer spaces except the one at the top, which will be used to create a simple shelf area. Use your sandpaper to sand the interior of each shelf so that it is smooth. Paint the inside of the dresser shelves and the face of the top drawer with your chosen paint color. Allow the paint to dry completely. If necessary, apply a second coat of paint to the interior.

Step 2

Add color to the wooden board you will be using for the top of your island. Before you begin adding color, apply the wood trim tape around the outside edge of the board and adhere it with the heat from your iron. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the wood stain before you begin. Use your brush to apply the stain to the wood. Allow the stain enough time to dry. Apply a second coat and allow it time to dry. Finish the wood with a coat of Varathane.

Step 3

While you can use bead board wood board trim on the outside of the dresser, bead board wallpaper is a simpler and easier choice. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the wallpaper before applying it to the dresser exterior. Carefully apply the paper to the three flat exterior sides of the dresser. Allow the paper enough time to dry. If you have chosen a color other than white for the interior of your island, you might want to paint the wallpaper the same color as well.

Step 4

Use your wood glue to attach your wooden counter to your cabinet. Apply a liberal amount of glue to the top of the dresser. Place the wood over the dresser so that you have a 12-inch overhang on the back side of the cabinet. This will allow you enough space to place stools and use the island as a breakfast bar if desired.

Step 5

Attach your two decorative shelf mounts to the underside of your island counter top. Position the first mount three inches in from the left side of the cabinet. Use your screwdriver and screws to secure the mount. Position the second mount three inches from the right side of the cabinet, using your screwdriver and screws. Place the top drawer back into its position within the cabinet. Place your basket organizers onto each of the shelves, and enjoy your new storage and work space!

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