5 Eggplant Varieties To Try 5 Eggplant Varieties To Try

Most are familiar with the large, purple egg shaped variety of the eggplant. However, there are several other varieties that you may not be familiar with but have great versatility as well some amazing flavors. Here are a few examples of varieties you should try.

1. Asian Eggplant

The Japanese or Asian eggplant is one of the tastiest varieties because of its size. It is much smaller than the traditional eggplant and packs a great concentrated flavor perfect for stir-fry.   

2. Globe Eggplant

The globe eggplant is still a household favorite and is the most commonly version found in grocery stores. It is actually perfect for slicing and grilling on the bbq.  

3. Cambodian Miniature Eggplant

Cambodian miniature eggplants are about the size of an egg but not lacking in flavor. This variety is actually not even purple but green with white stripes. It still has a similar eggplant flavor, which you are used to, however, with a little sweeter hint to it.

4. White Eggplants

White eggplants are also rare but yield similar flavors with a hint of mushrooms. This variety works well in soups as well as grilled.

5. Louisiana Long Green Eggplant

For a more domestic delicacy, Louisiana long green eggplants do not really look like eggplants at all with their long stems and green color. They have a slightly sweet taste and are perfect for deep-frying.

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