5 Energy Saving Tips For Watching TV 5 Energy Saving Tips For Watching TV

You can feel much better about watching TV by following the 5 energy saving tips listed below. Pay attention to your primetime and off-peak viewing, volume and screen light control to reduce energy consumption while watching TV.

Watch TV on Your Laptop or Desktop Computer

For must-see TV in the morning, watch the morning news and weather on your computer in the kitchen. You may require a separate TV tuner, but many shows are now streamed live onto the Internet.

Get the Family Together to Watch TV

A family of 4, all watching television together in the same room, uses ¼ the energy of the family with TVs in 4 different rooms viewing 4 different programs.

Tape Your Prime-Time Favorites for Later Viewing

VCRs and TiVo recorders use far less energy than TV sets, so record those programs shown at peak energy times between 7 and 10 pm and view them at a non-peak time. Fast-forwarding past ads shrinks a 1 hour program to about 42 minutes.

Turn Down the Volume

Turn down or mute the volume entirely for commercials. Using a 2 percent lower volume setting when you watch also saves energy.

Turn Down the Screen Lighting

Lower the contrast and brightness on your set and watch TV in low light.

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