5 Essential Backsplash Design Tips 5 Essential Backsplash Design Tips

You don't have to remodel your entire kitchen to make it look different, interesting and eye-catching - try a new kitchen backsplash design to revitalize it by using exotic pieces, murals, mosaics, metal or marble tiles. There are innumerable backsplash ideas; hence it is important to plan it well.

1. Harmony

Above all, the complete backsplash design should give an effect of harmony. The color, design, texture and mosaics should not confuse the eye but be able to look at your creation as one whole picture.

2. Color

A comfortable look can be created by using the right colors to complement the counter tops and cabinets. Use colorful, hand-painted tiles in fresh and vibrant colors, or boldly colored tiles as accents. 

3. Texture

If you want the Old World look, then your tile materials should be rough and uneven, and if it is ?ocontemporary, it is smooth and sleek. Never mix textures, but remain consistent with the style or theme of your kitchen. 

4. Murals and Mosaics

These will stand out in contrast with a counter top which has a uniform color or pattern. You can create a focal point for a mural or mosaic just above the cook top in a picture frame design.

5. Niches and Ledges

These can be made an integral part of the backsplash design by displaying colorful bottles, ceramic bowls or even small plants. They could be above the sink or behind the cook top, wherever space permits.

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