5 Essential Boat Dock Safety Accessories

There are a wide range of boat dock accessories available for beauty, leisure and safety. There are some items which are legal obligations for anyone who has a boat dock to ensure the safety of users. Here we focus on the some of the safety accessories that are vital to your boat dock and their functions.

Boat Dock Lighting

It is important to have proper lighting in your dock. A well lit dock is safe as you as well as others will be able to see your way around. Lighting also ensures security in the dock area.

Stairs with Hand Railing

If you have stairs then they should have a hand railing fitted on them. The hand railing is especially useful in case someone slips. Handrails will also be very useful for older people, children and invalids who may be using the dock.

Ring Buoys

You will need to have ring buoys strategically placed around your boat dock.They should be very visible so they are easily found if someone is drowning. The ring buoys should be well held in place but also easy to remove in case of emergency.

First Aid Kit

The dock area, like all others where there is a lot of physical activity, requires a first aid kit. It should be well supplied with necessary items in case of an emergency.

Anti Slip Covering

Get the surfaces people walk on covered with anti slip material. The dock floor is bound to get wet and slippery. There are lots of anti slip materials which are easy to install.