5 Essential Fireplace Insert Accessories 5 Essential Fireplace Insert Accessories

Having fireplace insert accessories help to make your insert fire burn longer and more safely in your fireplace. Below are five essential accessories that you should consider having for your insert fire.

Cleaning and Deodorizing Products

There are several kinds of specialty cleaners that are particularly made for cleaning the dirt and grime associated with inserts. Smoke and soot are often the primary challenge and the specialty cleaning products help control this issue.

There are also products that can clear the smoke from your home if you burn the wrong kind of wood or mishandle the damper. Fireplace deodorant products can remove that “smoky” smell from the home.

Buckets and Gloves

It is wise to have a bucket and gloves close to your fireplace. The bucket can hold coal, or it could hold fire starters and kindling for a wood fire. While the gloves, which are made from heavy duty leather, resist heat and burning. These gloves extend to the elbow to protect the wearer from any accidental brushes with hot metal or flying sparks.

Kettles, Trivets, and Steamers

A burning fire dries the air, and many people use one of these accessories to heat water and create more humidity in the air. There are kettles available in a variety of enamel colors, including red, black, blue and grey. Steamers and kettles are generally made of cast iron or cast aluminum, either coated in enamel or not. They often have lids with open, filigreed, or other decorative patterns in the lids to allow steam to escape in an attractive way. The trivets used to place the kettles or steamers on the insert are equally attractive.

Fire Starters and Fire Crystals

Many people keep long matches in special containers mounted on the wall or placed on the mantel for ease in starting their insert fire. Others use fire starting liquids, solid fire starting sticks, or pots of flammable paste. There are also attractive containers for the thin wood or pine cones that start on fire easily and quickly with a simple match or  long lighter.

In addition, many people enjoy the decorative crystals that can be added to the fire for an attractive colorful look as the fire burns.


Beautiful and functional rugs are attractive and practical fireplace insert accessories. You can buy fire resistant rugs in a number of colors and patterns. Some of the favorite designs include natural scenes such as flowers or leaves, ocean scenes, or country scenes. The rugs often come in a half-circle shape to fit snugly in front of the fireplace insert.

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