5 Essential RV Camping Supplies

Having the essential RV supplies before you head out can save you a lot of trouble when you get there. For family memories and much less frustration, here are a few things to bring when you go camping.

1. & 2. Tarp and Ropes

Having a tarp to sit under can protect you from the hot sun as well as the rain. Often camp grounds might have a tree or two but not much by way of cover. With a tarp you can spend more time outdoors rather than huddle inside. Don't forget the ropes to string it up.

3. Lawn Chairs

Most campgrounds do not provide much by way of sitting. If there are large logs, they are only at the choice campsites which you cannot guarantee you are going to get. Bring inexpensive lawn chairs which fold up for easy storage.

4. Firewood

You can often purchase firewood at the campsite, but they see you coming a mile away. By bringing firewood you can save your wallet quite a bit. Harvesting firewood is often prohibited and unless the weather really cooperates, the wood is wet.

5. Long Sticks

Much like firewood, finding long enough sticks to roast marshmallows or hot dogs is often a challenge. Bring long sticks or skewers with you to save yourself the trouble.