5 Fabric Door Stop Ideas

A fabric door stop is a great idea to leave near doors both for practical and decorative reasons. No one likes to have a door slamming, and possibly breaking because of sudden wind gusts. A door stop can solve this problem. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to sew a fabric door stop instead of buying one. It can be more appealing and personalized.

1. The Inner Materials

Obviously, the inner materials need to be heavy so as to do the job effectively. You can use very basic things, such as beans, rice, small rocks and anything that is suitable and heavy enough to be used for a door stop.

2. The Outer Fabric

Next, you need to choose cloth or fabric that can be used for the outer layer of the fabric door stop. One can use fabric which is colored or patterned in such a way that it matches the color scheme of the room where the door stop will be used. You can also use more than one type of cloth to create a colorful effect with different patterns, or even with different types of fabric.

3. Choose the Shape

You can choose various shapes to make the fabric door stop. This basically depends on the décor of the room, and the preferences of the individual. Cubes and pyramids are very popular for door stops. However, you can create a mundane, irregular shape, especially if the room has a modern or contemporary décor.

Some people even choose to create fabric door stops out of large, soft toys by filling them with heavy materials. This is a great idea for a door stop to be used in a kids’ bedroom, nursery or playroom.

4. Include Drawings and Stenciling

For those who are more creative they can paint designs on it or include patch work. This will help give the fabric door stop more liveliness and color. Children can also create their own drawings to stencil onto it, especially if the door stop is used in a kids’ room.

5. Include Sounds

If you wish to be even more original, consider inserting a bell or a chime in the inner layer of the fabric, so that when the door stop is moved slightly it can make a small tingling sound. This is a great idea for a shop, for instance.

Making a handmade door stop is a great project idea that should not take a lot of time to create. You can also find courses on such specialized sewing projects or look for project books, which are a great source of information and ideas. By purchasing a normal door stop you will most likely end up with predictable boring shapes, standard colors, low quality material and a lack of personalization. A handmade door stop can give a new look to your room. After all it is the very first thing that anyone entering the room will see!