5 Features to Look for in Heating/Air Conditioning Units

heating unit outside a house

Many people need heating and air conditioning units in their homes. Although not everyone might want air conditioning or even need it, heating can be vital depending on where you live. However, you shouldn’t just buy any unit on the market. There are features you should look for in heating and air conditioning units, and these can make the difference between an adequate choice and something that integrates perfectly into your home.

1. Cost

Cost can be a factor when you’re shopping for heating and air conditioning units. However, it should not be the overriding consideration. Cheap isn’t always better, but price is one thing to take into account among many others. Use it as a guide, rather than the main reason for choosing a specific heating air conditioning unit.

2. Size

heat pump outside a building

Before you go shopping for a heating air conditioning unit, you need to know the size of your home. Why? Because this prevents you buying a unit that’s either too small or too big for your requirements. One that’s too small won’t do its work efficiently and will always be straining to operate properly.

One that’s too large won’t be efficient either because it won’t be operating at the optimum level. Don’t buy the biggest unit on the market; simply buy one that’s right for your home.

3. Efficiency

One of the most important factors when shopping for heating air conditioning units is efficiency. The more efficient the unit, the better it will do its job. This will not only leave you comfortable in your home all year round, but it will also save you money. With air conditioners, you should check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. For room air conditioners, the minimum rating is 13 and for central air conditioners, the minimum rating is 14.

With furnaces, pay attention to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratings. The higher the rating, the more efficient the furnace. Nationally, the minimum is 78%, but you can find Energy Star models where the level is over 90%.

4. Installation

heat pump unit

With a central heating air conditioning unit like a heat pump, you also need to think about installation costs. This is also going to ring true when putting in a new furnace. If you’re going to undertake the installation yourself, this isn’t so vital. Most people, however, will be paying a contractor to do the work so you also need to obtain several quotes for this work and add it on to the cost.

5. Reliability

The last thing you want to do is spend more on a heating air conditioning unit only to have it keep breaking down. Reliability is very important. Not only will it save you on repair bills, but it will keep your frustration levels low.

Read reviews online and ask questions of the salespeople. Talk to friends who’ve had systems installed and also to any independent contractors (independent is important since they won’t be pushing any particular system). Pay attention to what you hear and use it as a basis for making your decision.

To make a proper decision, put all these factors together and choose the heating air conditioning unit that’s best for you.