5 Fireplace Accessories You Should Already Own

Fireplace accessories add to the functionality of your hearth. They also allow you to undertake fireplace activities with greater ease. A burning fireplace instantly draws attention in a room, and the right accessories helps to enhance the attractiveness of your hearth. This makes it a cozy site for indoor relaxation and warming. The comfort of the hearth is one thing you can look forward to when you come home, especially during the winter. A wide variety of accessories is available on the market. You're sure to find some that match your needs. Careful selection helps to complete the look of your fireplace. Below are 5 accessories you need to have.

1. Fireplace Doors

Doors act as fireguards, and ensure that no sparks fly into the room from the fire. This helps to prevent accidental fires and promotes safety at the hearth. Doors are a more permanent solution than fireplace screens. They help to control heat loss from the hearth, and contribute to higher energy efficiency. They also limit the incidence of ashes and fine materials in the room, which creates cleaner air within. You may want to consider glass doors, which allow you to watch and appreciate the fire as it develops. You can choose from a wide variety of glass doors, antique doors or other attractive designs for a greater decorative effect. Attractive doors also add value to your home.

2. Poker

It helps if you have a convenient tool that allows you to move wood as it burns. With a poker, you can poke at the wood and rearrange it, which encourages better air flow. This helps to sustain your fire for longer. A poker also contributes towards hearth safety, as it allows you to control the fire from a safe distance.

3. Bellows

You need not labor to blow air into the fire with your mouth, when you have bellows. These allow you to supply air to the fire more comfortably. Bellows are a great tool that can help you start and maintain a fire more effectively.

4. Ash Buckets

You’ll find an ash bucket very convenient, when you have to clean your hearth. Simply collect the ash from the fire and dump it in the bucket. You need not make several trips outside to dispose of the ash. This allows you to work more comfortably and faster, as you go about your cleaning routine. Once the bucket is full, you can dispose of the ash outside.

5. Log Holders

These are a must-have for wood fueled fireplaces. Log holders, or racks, act as a storage area for the wood. It is more convenient, if you have the wood stacked neatly in a holder nearby the hearth. It saves you from several trips outside to the shed, to fetch more wood to replace that consumed by the fire. A log holder also gives you more independence. With the wood available nearby, you can start up a fire whenever you choose, rather than have to plan in advance for wood supplies from outside.