5 Fun Charcoal Art Pencil Projects

A charcoal pencil is a great learning to when learning to draw. They're also a come in handy for some simple, fun projects that the whole family can enjoy. Here are 5 fun charcoal projects to try in your home.

1 - Inexpensive Artwork

Purchase a sketch pad at your local art store. Take out a sheet, and find objects that you find interesting around your house, such as, stars, circles or squares. Trace the objects with the charcoal pencil overlapping the tracings in some areas. Continue to do this until it is to your liking. Place in a frame, and you have a new geometric art piece!

2 - Mobile

For a baby's room, or a sun room, make a mobile with interest. Draw pictures of anything you want. The kids really enjoy making these for their own room. You can make flowers, or animals, or just shapes like stars and moons. After drawing your pictures on paper, cut them out. Place the pieces in between laminating paper, available at art and craft stores. You will need to iron the laminate to make it adhere together. Just be sure to allow a little edge all the way around so the laminate can stick on each side and seal. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each picture and hand with fishing line or string by making holes in a plastic can lid. Plastic coffee can lids work well for this. Hang by making a hole in the center of the lid and hang on a hook on the ceiling.

3 - Wind Chimes

Go to a craft store and purchase pre-cut glass cut outs, such as triangles, or circles. These can be purchased with the hole you will need for hanging too. Take each piece and draw on it with the charcoal pencil making any kind of design. Cover the drawing with mod podge, which is a coating that looks like glue, but dries clear. Use fishing line to string through the holes. Having different lengths make the wind chime more interesting. Attach the pieces to a lid as described above, or simply wrap each piece around a piece of sturdy branch. Tie another piece of fishing line to the center of the branch and hang on a hook. These are not only beautiful, they sound amazing in the wind!

4 - Place Setting Cards

Buy some heavy stock paper and draw a template to your desired size. You will be folding them so they stand up, so keep this in mind when you are making a template. Cut out as many as you need for your table setting. Use the charcoal pencil to write the name of each person and sit it at their place on the table. If desired, you can make some fancy swirls. If it is a holiday, you can draw snowmen, turkeys, or hearts around the name.

5 - Cameo Portraits

Cameo portraits are easy to do after you get set up. You will need to place a chair for someone to sit sideways to trace their outline. Place a light in front of where they are sitting so their shadow is reflected on the wall. Tape a piece of paper behind them. You may need to adjust the chair and the paper until you get it just right. Trace their profile with the charcoal pencil. Cut it out and glue it on a different color of paper so the cameo stands out. Frame and hang.