5 Furniture Ideas for a Rooftop Deck

Decorating your rooftop deck is the fun part after the construction of it is complete. With some comfortable pieces of furniture in place, you’ll be able to enjoy warm nights and beautiful days from your own personal high perch. You have some choices, though, when it comes to furniture. Of course, it has to be water resistant, and considering you’ll have to haul it up there, lighter furniture is easier to carry. However, there are many good materials to choose from, so base your decision on what you think looks nice and what you can afford. 

The furniture you place on your rooftop deck all provides the same thing: a place to sit and rest your feet and tables to use work work, eating or relaxation. A large canopy style patio umbrella is effective at keeping the sun off your head as well. The biggest decision you’ll make is what material of rooftop deck furniture to buy. Here are 5 good ideas:

Idea #1 - Teak Wood

Teak is the wood used to finish old fashioned sailboats, so it is well suited to get wet. Teak is weatherproof, but it must be sealed from time to time to ensure the rain does not ruin it. Aside from the maintenance of teak, it is beautifully elegant and extremely durable. Depending on the motif of your rooftop deck, teak may be the perfect fit. 

Idea #2 - Wrought Iron

One of your metal options is wrought iron. It is rustproof when sealed and, like teak, it is very durable, likely more so because of its sturdy metal design. Wrought iron furniture comes in numerous ornate shapes, and it may or may not be antique. You should be able to find all types of design pattern for the backs of chairs and tables. The biggest drawback of wrought iron is its weight. Getting it up to the deck will require some heavy lifting. 

Idea #3 - Cast Aluminum

Your second metal option for rooftop deck furniture is cast aluminum. It is more lightweight than wrought iron, but there is still an antique, classical look to it. Like wrought iron, when properly finished it is weather resistant and extremely durable. Cast aluminum deck furniture can, however, be quite expensive. 

Idea #4 - Resin

Resin furniture is almost identical to wicker in look, shape and feel. However, it is actually a molded plastic. Thus, it has all the stylish benefits of wicker and the durability of plastic in one. Resin deck furniture is easily cleaned, just hosed off, and there are numerous shapes and sizes of chairs, seats and tables to choose from. 

Idea #5 - Wicker

An old deck standby, wicker furniture is stylish and comfortable with the right cushions in place. Without the proper padding, though, wicker can be very scratchy. It will hold up in foul weather, but not as long as resin lookalike wicker furniture. It does, however, have more give to it and is a relatively inexpensive material to use. 

Of these 5 choices for rooftop deck furniture, you are bound to find one that works with your budget and your sense of style.