5 Garbage Disposal Plumbing Safety Tips

You will find it useful to be aware of the finer points of garbage disposal plumbing to enable you to solve the problem if a defect occurs. This is especially relevant if you make use of the device on a regular basis, which will make it all the more missed. By putting in use the following hints and tips during the process of plumbing work, you will ensure that it can be completed without any damage or injury.

1 – Power

Before undertaking any garbage disposal plumbing work, make sure that the power supply has been cut off. This will ensure that you are at less risk of injury resulting from the garbage disposal being accidentally switched on while you are working on it. If the power switch is defective in any way, switch off the electricity at the mains for the duration you are working on the garbage disposal.

2 – Equipment  

Make sure that you only use garbage disposal plumbing tools that are suited for the job. If necessary, obtain them from a tool rental company rather than purchasing them. You may find that tools that are suitable for basic plumbing jobs are not sufficient for work on the garbage disposal. Some specialist equipment will be necessary to deal with the blades of the garbage disposal system. However, there are some regular tools, such as pliers, which can be used to remove items from the drain. Make a note of the manufacturer of the system that you have installed so that you can get the correct parts.  

3 – Safety Gear  

You will find it useful to obtain some safety equipment to wear while you are undertaking any garbage disposal plumbing work. In addition to protective rubber or latex gloves, you should also use a face mask to protect yourself if using any toxic substances. When clearing a blockage, goggles may also be useful to prevent any chemicals splashing up into your eyes

4 – Disassembly

In some cases, it may be necessary to undertake some disassembly to enable you to access the defective or blocked section of the garbage disposal. First, check the manual to determine whether another method can be used. Some systems will allow you to lock the blades in place while you undertake the repair work; this will enable you to ensure that a drain auger or similar tool does not get caught. Prior to loosening any component, place a container beneath the area to gather any water or debris that might be in the system.

5 – Chemicals

Garbage disposal plumbing will often involve doing some work to unclog the drain, which can become blocked with food waste. When using chemical substances to clear blockages, make sure you use them carefully and as directed. Protect yourself from harm with gloves and a mask. To prevent blockages from occurring at all, it is worthwhile to periodically dispose of citrus peel down the garbage disposal unit before running the water. The natural oils in the peel will help to breakdown debris. Ice cubes can also work for minor blockages.