5 Great Decorative Ideas for Patio Ponds 5 Great Decorative Ideas for Patio Ponds

Decorating the back of your home can become a labor of love as you add any number design elements like plants, shabby chic furniture or patio ponds. Most homeowners will eventually come to the point where they just need to make a change. Patio ponds are easy to update and change so they are usually the first thing to get a makeover. There are a lot of things that you can do with patio ponds to decorate and stylize them to fit any number of themes or moods. The following article will provide several ideas that can be used to spruce up patio ponds.

Waterfall Addition

Patio ponds are beautiful on their own but adding a waterfall to it can turn serene patio ponds into a soothing and relaxing getaway spot. A trip to your local home improvement store will provide you with many options. Take into account the size of your current pond and the amount of water that is used in it. A prefab waterfall is an easy solution as you just have to set it up, route the water and plug it in to an outlet.

Frog Haven

If you are not squeamish about frogs then consider adding them. Patio ponds are perfect for this water loving amphibians and perfect to help control the population of flies and other insects. Patio ponds provide standing water which attracts many kinds of insects that frogs will no doubt feed off of. Provide several rocks and lily pads for them to climb on and they will get the food themselves. Purchase frogs from the local pet store but make sure you get a species suited for outdoor living in your environment.

Nighttime Illumination

There is no question that patio bonds are breathtaking and offer a relaxing getaway but at night it is hard to enjoy them. Fix this problem by adding underwater lights. You can find underwater lights for patio ponds at your local home improvement store. Place several around the pond floor and, if you have waterfalls, place a light on each tier of the waterfall. Experiment with different colors or lights that can change color on a timer.

Patio Pond Flower Edging

Patio ponds are great features where you can plant flowers to enhance the appearance of the pond. Dig out the unused areas around the pond and plant several kinds of plants. Choose the right species of plants for your environment and your tastes. Never crowd your plants and make sure your different varieties can live together without strangling their neighbor's roots. This is also a great time to try using drip irrigation to water your plants.

Going Fishing

Patio ponds are growing in popularity as people become more aware of koi fish. These fish are very hearty and can survive many environments within reason. Koi are not inexpensive so do not waste money on them if you don't want to. Any fish can be added to your patio pond. You can also use several kinds of fish in your pond as long as they get along.

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