5 Great Ideas for Wedding Themes 5 Great Ideas for Wedding Themes

Finding a wedding theme can be difficult. Whether you want a romantic wedding theme or a playful, whimsical theme these 5 great ideas will be sure to add fun and excitement to your wedding theme.

1. A Night of Romance

If you want a romantic theme for your wedding consider having a beach theme or a classical theme that incorporates lavish flower arrangements and beautiful warm ambiance with candles and lighting. You may choose themes such themes as "romance under the stars" and use blues and whites with twinkling lights as back drops. You could incorporate lavenders and glitter into the table scape's or fabrics for the decor of the wedding ceremony and reception. A night of romance can be achieved with the right mood set with lighting and design.

2. International

Consider a theme that represents a destination like Italy, France or Spain. Think of places that are luxurious and romantic that would lend themselves well to your overall wedding idea. Use colors that play up the internatonal elegance such as roses, golds and silvers. For an even bigger impact serve cuisine from the country that you are representing. Italian for Italy for example. Just because a destination wedding isn't in your budget doesn't mean you can't bring a touch of that destination home to your venue.

3. Retro

If there is a decade that you are in love with like the 40s or 50s with their clean lines and sophistication consider using the era as a theme for your wedding. Look for fabrics and patterns that are reminiscent of the time period that you are referencing in your theme. Incorporate lace and linens that play up the look of the time period. Stepping back in time with romance and elegance can be a perfect back drop for your wedding plans.

4. Seasons

Use the season in which you are marrying as an opportunity for a theme. If you are getting married in the summer try a tropical or beach theme with votive candle holders filled with sand and shells adorned with cream colored candles, airy fabrics such as cotton, linen or gauze for dressing tables and chairs. If you are marrying in the winter months consider a "winter wonderland" theme with snow flakes and blues and silvers as the colors. If it is the holiday season incorporate luscious reds and greens with golds to create a warm Christmas memory. A wedding theme centered around the season in which you are tying the knot is a perfect way to incorporate colors and style into your wedding.

5. Diamonds

As the saying goes "diamonds are a girl's best friend." Use the sparkling gem as a theme for your wedding. Use crystals to represent the glittery stone and add presence to your wedding. An idea for a table scape is to get large faux diamonds for the place settings and write the guests names in gold or silver. Use tones of silver and platinum in your color scheme and you will have a beautiful romantic theme for your wedding.

Whether you are going for romance or whimsy in your wedding theme these 5 ideas are sure to be great starts for the wedding of your dreams.

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