5 Great Rooftop Deck Design Ideas 5 Great Rooftop Deck Design Ideas

A rooftop deck is a fun place to relax and entertain. The mood you set is dependent upon the design of your deck. To help you decide on the design that will work best for your lifestyle, here are 5 rooftop deck design ideas to choose from.

1.  Rustic Design

A rustic rooftop design will incorporate a lot of old looking wood features. Distressed finished pressure treated wood will be a good foundation choice in flooring. Add heavy wood deck furniture that can also be distressed, or add a rustic crackle finish to make the furniture look like it came out of an old cabin. Another option is to purchase log built in furniture. Small trees can be incorporated into the overall design by planting inside the deck floor. Railing should be of wood, and a rail seat can be added if you need additional seating. Apply cedar siding to the wall if you have one exposed to the deck area.

2.  Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui is subtle and comfortable. The lines are clean, and the materials natural. Tile flooring in a neutral tone would work best for this concept. For railing, the corners should be rounded. Water features are always incorporated in this design, so you may consider a water feature, such as, a concrete water fountain, or wall, or perhaps a koi pond. Plants and trees are incorporated. Plant them around the perimeter of the deck or incorporate an in floor planter for trees and plants.

3. A Greenhouse Deck

You will lay sod and plant grass on the floor. This can be purchased in rolls at a garden center. Be sure that the type of grass you buy is suitable for the extreme conditions that it will be subjected to on the rooftop. Build raised boxes for planting flowers and a vegetables. Add a greenhouse to the deck. This are sold ready to assemble in a variety of sizes and shapes, or you can build your own. Add benches in various areas of the deck so you have a place to admire your gardens.

4.  Pool Deck

You will, of course, have to install an above ground pool. To give the deck more interest, you can build a deck around the pool as an additional seating area, and giving you another level. Build a changing hut on the deck. It can be a simple three walled nook with a curtain on the front for privacy when changing. Add some hooks inside for wet swimsuits, and a couple of shelves for towels and lotions. A chest for flotation devices and deck furniture pillows will keep the area tidy.

5.  A City Scape

To get the feel of a New York rooftop deck, add a brick railing around your deck. Build a full bar in the center. Have built in seating scattered for chatting and having cocktails. Add string lights around or across the top with large white bulbs. In planters and trees add clear lights for mood. 

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