5 Green Dream Jobs 5 Green Dream Jobs

Green dream jobs are being created daily with renewable energy companies, green building and design firms, solar and wind power companies, energy management, agricultural related fields, as well as many other options.  Legislation has been passed that supports the growth, making the odds of finding that perfect green dream job a reality.

Five Green Dream Jobs in Demand

  • Building Design and Construction

Green building has the competitive edge over traditional means. The demand for architects, designers, and other LEED-accredited professionals are increasing as green building is on the rise.

  • Eco-Tourism

A person wanting to have a green job, but also work in the actual environment will love this opportunity. The individual can conduct tours in areas where local habitats and culture are combined with environmental responsibility.

  • Environmental Management

Local and regional governments are looking for individuals to study land use for ways to reduce a community’s carbon footprint.

  • Energy and Renewable Resources

Wind and solar energy industries are populating rapidly. Individuals can also look for positions related to the industries of hydropower, geothermal, and hydrogen and fuel cell production.

  • Corporation Social Responsibility

Large corporations are looking for those versed in labor law and human resources to become more responsible in environmental, human, and health issues. They are looking for individuals who can promote and enable their social responsibility. 


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