5 Halloween Costumes You Can Make Right Now

A couple dressed as the characters from the movie Anchorman.

You need a costume that’s creative, impressive, recognizable…and affordable. Instead of spending a ton of money at the store or recycling that tired costume you’ve worn before, start looking around your home and put your DIY cap on. There are at least 5 costumes you can make right now with stuff you’ve already got.

Pulp Fiction

You've got a black suit and a white shirt. Pare it with a bolo tie and slick your hair back and you're Vincent Vega. Even better if you can manage a ponytail. Or get your afro going with some funky sideburns and a handlebar mustache and you're Jules Winnfield.

Pulp Fiction

Women can dress as Mia Wallace. Put on a white button-up shirt and black pants, and you’re more than halfway there. (Mia wore her hair in a straight, black bob with bangs.) Props for the outfit may include a cigarette and/or a trickle of fake blood coming from the nose. If you happen to have a gray trench coat to go with the outfit, you’re golden. And if you have a giant syringe, have it sticking out of your chest.


Have a mustache and a red blazer? Add a regular dress shirt and loud tie to become Ron Burgundy. Remind all your friends to “stay classy.” Carry anything that looks like a jazz flute, and you’ll be a big hit.

If you’re a woman with blonde hair, it won’t be too hard to become Veronica Corningstone (Ron’s lady love). Style your hair in big curls away from your face, wear a suit with a skirt and a patterned blouse, and you’re it.

You can always be a retro TV anchor even if you don’t tap into your inner Anchorman. Wear a suit from the 80s, 70s or 60s, style your hair and/or makeup accordingly, and talk about memorable headlines from the era.

TV Reality

Any little black dress can turn you into one of the “Real Housewives” or Kim Kardashian. Put on your highest heels and your gaudiest jewelry to complete the ensemble. Wear lots of makeup and give yourself big hair, and you’ve got the look. Walk around with an attitude all night long to really sell it.

Kim Kardashian

Men can create a simple costume with a plain white or black V-neck shirt. Pair this with blue jeans and a British accent to become singing judge Simon Cowell. Remember to tell everyone that they’re terrible singers to complete the costume.

Simon Cowell

On Vacation

This works for a man or a woman. Dress up in your ugliest shirt and a pair of shorts. Carry a large camera and a shopping bag to become a tourist.


Complete the look by walking around with a map and asking everyone you see for directions or to take a picture of you standing in front of various “landmarks.”

Anyone for a Game?

Roll a pair of khakis up just under the knee, put on long argyle socks and complete the look with a white button-up or polo shirt. If you have a sweater vest, it’s the ideal accent for this simple golfer look. Wear white shoes and carry a putter to complete the ensemble.


If you don’t have a golf ensemble but you do have white clothes, put on a polo with a skirt or shorts. Wear white socks and white shoes to be any tennis legend you like. If you happen to have a racket you can carry with you, the costume will be perfection -- head sweatband optional!


Get creative with your costumes this year, and build a DIY Halloween using all the stuff you’ve already got in your house. Once you start looking around, you might discover all sorts of looks you can create easily and affordably.

Photos by Terry Robinson, Kevin McShane, Carissa A. Thrush, Verde Canyon Railroad, Edmond Wells, oaklandEarthGirl and garann