5 Helpful Wasp Control Products

Wasps are some of the most annoying pests to invade our homes and gardens, this leaves many people looking for effective methods of wasp control. There are many different types of wasp control products, all of which can be used to control the population of wasps in your home.

Some people are allergic to wasp stings, which makes wasp control methods much more important. You will need to learn how to control wasps to prevent them from being a nuisance.

1 - Natural Methods

There are many different natural techniques which can be used to trap and control wasps. Natural treatments involve traps which can be brought from a shop or made if you prefer. If you are using these traps then you must empty them every day to prevent any wasps from escaping and getting back into the room. Research natural methods of wasp control as you don't need to worry about using dangerous chemicals.

These traps include bait to attract the wasps and then stop them from getting out. The bait can be something as simple as a sweet drink because wasps are attracted to sugary items.

2 - Candles

There are a number of pest control candles which can be used if you are having a barbecue outside in the garden. These candles contain chemicals which are let off when the candle is burnt. This releases the chemical into the air which will in turn deter wasps. This isn't suitable for use if you have a large nest of wasps, but is an effective way of deterring a few opportunist wasps. These candles are an effective way to control wasps when outdoors but cannot be used indoors.

3 - Pesticides

There are also lots of harsh chemicals which can be used to kill wasps. These poisons are very effective and can be used to kill whole nests of wasps. The poison is injected right into the heart of the nest which should kill all of the worker wasps preventing the colony from being able to grow.

Pesticides are only normally used by specialists because they require the use of protection equipment. Wasps will get very angry when the poison is first applied, this can cause them to swarm and start stinging. Make sure you wear protective equipment whenever you are dealing with any wasps.

4 - Insect Sprays

There are a number of insect poisons which can be sprayed directly onto wasps to kill them. These work with almost all flying insects and are fast acting. However these are only suitable for dealing with small numbers of wasps which find their way into your home. They are not up to coping with large swarms of wasps, or entire nests. If using a spray on a wasp then you must be careful because they can still get very annoyed.

5 - Smoke Bomb

There is also the option of using an insecticide smoke bomb, these can eradicate large nests, but protective clothing must be worn when using these methods of eradication.