5 Home Decor Trends for 2022

pink couch with pillows and blanket
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New trends don't mean you need to redo your entire home at the start of the year (unless you really want to)—but it's fun to incorporate fresh styles when they work with your existing decor schemes.

Incorporating these trends can be as simple as adding a new element to an old room to bring it some new life.

1. Color

bright purple room with yellow accents

Gone are the days when people are fighting over the last white comforter in the store. All-white rooms, specifically all-white kitchens, are on their way out and color is trending in. Now, if you just spent thousands of dollars creating a stunning white kitchen, don't sweat it.

Keep it if you love it, add colorful accents if you want to stay trendy—it's your call. Plan on seeing lots of bold neutrals and calming greens this year — with olive and sage green taking center stage.

Painting is an easy way to incorporate color into your home in a way that doesn't break the budget and isn't permanent. If you hate the bathroom you painted green, you can always come back and paint it another color.

Berry purple will be especially hot in 2022, so look for spots to incorporate lavenders and pinks. Luckily, many of them pair pleasingly with one of last year's colors, yellow.

2. Grandmillenial

colorful yarn craft project

Grandmillenial style, sometimes called 'Granny Chic', is a fun way to incorporate colors, textures, and patterns into your home. Not for the minimalists or people who like things matchy-matchy, this vibrant style is high-end hodgepodge at its finest.

You can achieve this look using colors, patterns, textures, and lots of wallpaper in your rooms. And while you can pick any color scheme to pull this off, often Grandmillenial style is characterized by soft powdery colors like pink and blue.

3. Nature

bright green room with plants and blue chair

We collectively spent enough time outside during the peak of the pandemic that we decided it was time to bring more of it indoors.

Whether this means you've become a plant person, through and through, or you just love nature-themed motifs, natural items are going to make a big impact as part of 2022 home decor trends.

Raw wood, stained wood with stunning grain, live trees, fancy fake trees, painting of the English countryside—you're going to see it all.

In particular, Olive Trees are predicted to continue to rise in popularity and large houseplants are also predicted to make a big impact indoors.

4. Warm Tones

tan and yellow room with plants

Cool tones have been so popular for so long but now it's time for those warm hues to have their moment. Warm neutrals will be popping up in homes in various shades and intensities, taking the place of cool whites and grays.

Warm-toned open shelving and flooring are also going to be popular. If you have cool-toned surfaces in your home but want to warm the space up, look for decor items that combine warm and cool tones to help bring your space to life.

You can use textiles, art, paint, and even rugs to warm up a really cool space in a subtle way that blends the two tones without them fighting each other.

5. Vintage

vintage furniture in room with plants

Vintage is having a moment and we are here for it. We love incorporating heirloom items or a thrift store find into our home decor and now our favorite pastime is on-trend. Thrift at your favorite store or go through grandma's garage to find something old and give it a new life.

If you don't want a full-on rummage sale vibe in your space, simply incorporate subtle vintage elements into your design so your home feels layered in more ways than one.

Finding subtle ways to incorporate popular styles into your home can help your space feel timeless and personal. Remember though, the best home decor is the decor that makes you happy every time you see it.