5 Home Studio Design Ideas

The way you decorate your home studio will depend largely on its intended use. Whether it’s an artist’s studio, a reading room, an exercise escape, or a music studio, will dictate certain requirements in the décor. However, there are certain items and ideas which can work in any studio and make it a more inviting and productive environment.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of storage space - not to put stuff away but to have stuff around! You want shelves, drawers, cubbyholes, bookcases, and so forth. You can have all your work, craft, or hobby materials easily accessible without clutter and disorganization. Having a place for everything will create more space for you.
  2. There is definitely a need for comfortable seating - at least for you. It is likely that when you inhabit your home studio you spend hours there at a time. Put in a comfortable chair, lounge, bean bag, or rocking chair, whatever you will enjoy the most. The key to a studio is to make it functional and comfortable at the same time.
  3. Surround yourself with inspirational décor. Use posters, art work, inspirational quotes, and other similar items that inspire you to be your best when in this room.
  4. Create a clear and ample work space. If your intention is to exercise here, just make sure you have room to operate any exercise equipment. If you will be working or creating in your home studio then make sure you have a decent work table, counter, or desk.
  5. Use color. Colors can induce certain moods and emotions. Red, yellow, and orange create energy. Green helps you focus. Blue and violet are cool colors that create a feeling of relaxation. Use colors appropriate to your home studio activities.