5 Ideas for Decorating a Fireplace Trim

A fireplace can add warmth to any home, but with the right fireplace trim it can also add style. A plain fireplace trim can be boring and unattractive. You can use simple color or material additions around the fireplace to match the decor of the rest of your room. There is no need to tear out the old trim or substrate to create the look you want.

1. Add Wood Trim

Wood trim can be added to your existing fireplace. You can use an entire wood mantel or simply a frame for the fireplace. You can cut three pieces of wood to size, with edges that meet. Stain or paint the wood any color you like to match the rest of the room. The wood should be coated with a non-flammable, fire retardant glaze. The wood will be at a level higher than the wall and will add depth to the fireplace. You can also use carved or molded wood to add detail.

2. Paint Existing Trim

If you already have a trim that you like the shape and style of, you can paint it to match your room. Different substrates will require different types of paints. If the existing trim is concrete you can stain it with a concrete stain or paint it. Wood and metal trim can also be painted. If the trim is metal or brass it can be sanded and then painted with a high temperature rust proof paint, which usually comes in a spray can. Using the spray paint you can get a glossy or flat look, whichever is desired.

3. Install Metal Trim

Metal trim can be added to bring a more modern look to your fireplace. Metal trim kits are available for purchase, or you can have the metal cut to size. You should look for metal that has a design on it for added style. You can often find the metal in the color you are looking for so you don't have to paint or finish it on your own. The metal can be adhered directly to the existing substrate using the appropriate adhesive, which is dependent on the substrate material. This is a good option if you like the look and style of electric fireplaces, but the function of a real fireplace.

4. Use Tiles

Tiles can be easily added on top of the existing trim. Tiles offer the greatest variety and decorative options. You have endless choices of tile color, design and shape available for purchase. The tiles you choose should match the room decor. You can buy decorative tiles to be placed throughout your tile trim design to add more color and intricate detail to the fireplace trim. You can install the tiles using standard tile installation methods.

5. Add Thin Brick Tiles

Thin brick tiles can be added as trim to the fireplace. You can install brick tiles directly on the fireplace trim to get the look of brick without the cost or labor. Thin brick tiles are installed with mortar just like regular bricks, but don't require tearing out the existing structure.