5 Ideas For Dorm Room Storage 5 Ideas For Dorm Room Storage

In almost every dorm room, space is at a premium. Organization and smart storage are essential to keeping any small space tidy. Capilaize on these tips to maximize the storage in your dorm room.

1. Storage Under Your Bed

The space between the floor and the bottom of your bed can add many extra feet of storage space. Measure from floor to bed frame to determine size of storage units that will easily fit underneath. From simple card board boxes to designer made trays with wheels, there is plenty of space to store shoes, bedding or seasonal clothing. 

Some dorm rooms provide bunk beds to give room mates the option of singling or doubling up.  Double your floor space by taking advantage of this bunk bed option.  Another variation is to use the space under a top bunk, not for the lower bed but to put dressers or use that area to create a work station.

2. Behind the Door Storage

Shoe bags are made to fit neatly behind the door. They're designed to hang over the door rather than being fixed onto the door. Use in the bathroom or dorm room access door to store shoes, toiletries, school supplies, mail etc. These pocket units come in a variety of sizes to provide plenty of off the floor space for your creative use.

3. Wall Shelving Units

Hang a shelf unit approximately 1 1/2 feet from the ceiling. Space that high is often overlooked, but is a great place to store your small knick knacks, books, photo's. By placing items there that you look at more than use, will save that lower horizontal space for the important items that need to be easily accessed.

4. Use Technology

Save space by taking advantage of today's technology. Consolidate that bulky collection of cd's into a iPod or download them directly to your computer. Another option is to stack them vertically, without sleeves, in a protective case.

5. Closet Storage

Similar to the door hanging system, maximize your closet space by using organizational products that provide extra shelving (usually a canvas type of material) that are available in 10, 16 or 18 shelve units that are 12" to 24" wide. Fully collapsible for quick summer break take downs.

If there is an open out closet door, bi fold door or anything other than a pocket door, remove it carefully and replace the door with a tension rod and curtain.  The clearance no longer needed to open the door will add another 3 feet of living space to your dorm room. Remove and store doors carefully so they can be reinstalled when moving out.

6. The Cupboards

Most dorm rooms provide some sort of built in unit with cabinets and drawers. Take advantage of the cabinets by using the same application you use with the door hanging units. Small inside hanging racks are available to attach without damaging the door itself.  Towel racks can be used not only for towels but necklace organizers, electronic cord storage, any thing that can be securely hung when opening and closing the cabinet door.

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