5 Ideas for Gravel Path Edging

The gravel path is down and ready. Now it's time to pick the edging. There are numerous options for path edging, it all depends on the design of the garden as to which one to choose. Bricks, pavers, rocks, molded concrete, and concrete bricks are typically used. Here's a guide to each:


House bricks, new or used, are an inexpensive option. They can be laid edge to edge, side by side, or half buried standing straight up.


Available in a range of colors and shapes, pavers make an attractive path edging. Very easy to lay and replace.


Medium and large sized rocks (maximum 30cm across) look great with a rockery garden. Either natural or artificial can be used.

Molded Concrete

Molded concrete gives a very neat, smooth edge. Molded concrete can be purchased in required lengths and is available in a number of plain or patterned finishes.

Concrete Bricks

Not the household type, but molded concrete bricks. Usually molded into square blocks, or textured bricks, concrete bricks are ideal for gravel path edging.


Consider buying a concrete mold and pouring your own bricks, stones, or pavers. Molds designs come in pavers, bricks, cobblestones, and stones. Use quick-set concrete for faster setting. Concrete colorants can also be added.