5 Ideas for Mudroom Storage 5 Ideas for Mudroom Storage

If you've been looking for a way to clear up the clutter in your mudroom, it may interest you to learn that there are a number of effective methods of mudroom storage. Below are the most popular types of mudroom storage containers.

Shoe Racks

If you're tired of your family members placing their dirty shoes on the floor, shoe racks can be a very helpful form of mudroom storage. These racks will provide your family members and guests with a place to put their footwear. In addition to keeping your mudroom floor safe from dirt, a shoe rack will help give the room a very clean, organized feel. A storage unit specifically designated for footwear will help ensure that your family's shoes don't get lost or tripped over.

Bench/Shoe Container Combinations

If shoe racks don't appeal to you, you may want to consider putting a bench/shoe container combo in your home's mudroom.  These handy mudroom storage units will provide your family members with a place to sit while they put on their shoes, as well as a place to store their footwear.

There are two basic types of bench/shoe container combos. The first type has the appearance of a normal bench with seats that opens up to reveal a central shoe storage area. The second type is essentially a bench that features a shoe storage shelf towards the bottom. Regardless of what type you choose, try to find a bench/shoe container combo made of solid wood, as this material is well-equipped to support a large amount of weight.

Individual Storage Units

If you have children, particularly young children, individual storage units can be a very effective form of mudroom storage. These units feature a large central area in which coats, hats and backpacks can be hung and a bottom compartment for the storage of shoes, boots and athletic footwear. As an added bonus, small children will immediately recognize these units as places to put their bags, coats and shoes, as individual storage units are widely used in daycare centers and elementary schools. By assigning each of your kids an individual unit, you will help ensure that their backpacks, lunchboxes and other school related items never get mixed up.

Storage Lockers

Mudroom storage lockers function in much the same fashion as individual storage units. The primary difference is that the lockers are made of metal and feature doors. While storage lockers can give your home's mudroom a very organized feel, they can also make the room seem cold and uninviting.

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets can be a great place to store mudroom cleaning supplies, such as floor cleaners and assorted shoe cleaning products. Additionally, if you keep any pets in your mudroom, these cabinets can prove useful in storing their food, treats and toys. These mudroom storage units can also be used to house your family's gloves, hats and scarves during the spring and summer months.

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