5 Ideas for Wedding Reception Entertainment 5 Ideas for Wedding Reception Entertainment

The wedding reception is where all the fun happens! There are several options as far as reception entertainment is concerned. The decisions should be based on your style, budget and overall feeling of the wedding.

1. On a Budget?

If you are on a budget there is really no need to worry. Modern technology has put music at our fingertips fairly easy. If you cannot afford the traditional DJ, make a mix and put it on an Ipod. You can either rent a speaker, hook it up to one you already have or purchase one. There are bonuses to doing it this way, such as the fact that you will have total control over what is played. You may still need to designate someone as the emcee for the night, to help with the flow of the reception.

2. Traditional

There is nothing wrong with keeping to tradition and hiring yourself a wedding DJ. The price for DJs vary, but the key is to find someone you have a recommendation for. The DJ will make or break the flow of the wedding, so be sure to meet with them and make sure you like their personality. Make a clear list of songs you definitely want played and ones you'd rather do without. As part of their job, they should have an order of events to take place: the introduction, the money dance, the throwing of the bouquet, etc. Your DJ should have all equipment necessary, like microphones for the speeches any many speakers to ensure the sound will be heard.

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