5 Ideas to Save on Wedding Decorations 5 Ideas to Save on Wedding Decorations

When you first begin to plan your wedding you will be surprised at just how expensive wedding decorations can be. This well may be the most important day of your life and there is no reason to let money interfere with the celeration. Here are several tips that will help you save   money without sacrificing beauty.

Flower Seconds

Wedding flowers tend to be one of the most expensive decorations on the list. You can buy them at very reasonable prices if you know where to look and who to ask. Visit some of your local flower shops and ask the clerk about flower seconds. Basically you will be purchasing unused  flowers from their stock which they may be throwing away in the next day or two. You should be able to get 50 percent or more off of your flowers. There are also garden shops that will sell cut flower seconds.

Paper Lanterns

Rice paper is very inexpensive from the Internet and import shops. You can paint them with Japanese characters or words of love that pertain to your partner. Add one to each table with a tea light underneath to create a nice centerpiece. You can also hang them from the ceiling or arbor if you are having an outdoor wedding. If you do not feel safe with a flaming tea light, you can purchase battery-operated ones instead.

Mystical Candles

Nothing is more beautiful than delicate looking candle holders that contain floating candles. Look for glass candle holders that are beautifully shaped that also have a wide mouth at the top. Purchase small rounded candles that fit inside the top of the candle. Fill the candle holder with water, add the candle and light it. You will create a very pleasing table decoration where the light from the candle reflects off the water. You could also add some clear jewels or silver pellets to the water.

Lighting Made Easy and Beautiful

A dollar store can lead to some very nice table displays. Purchase glass bowls and glasses. Place a glass in the center of the table and balance the bowl on top. Make sure you purchase glasses with a wide mouth. Place strong glue around the lip of the glass and on the bottom of the bowl. Wait for the glue to become tacky and attach them together. Fill the bowl with water and just before your reception add several small candles and flower petals. Light the candles minutes before the reception begins.

Favors for All

Wedding favors are that little touch that make a reception nice for all that attend. You can create a nice favor by purchasing small boxes from a craft store along with wrapping paper that matches your color scheme. Also pick up bow material. Wrap the boxes, including the lids, with the wrapping paper. Finish the boxes off with a nice bow. Fill the boxes with some candy or other favor of your choice.

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