5 Inground Pool Lighting Options

Pool lighting does not have to be limited to the usual bulbs you may be accustomed to. Traditional pool lighting use a bulb that is very similar to those found in your lamps or traditional home lighting. These bulbs, like their close cousins, will eventually burn out. Replacing these bulbs is an annoying process that involves having to drain the pool and turn off the electric. There are many kinds of lighting upgrades available for your pool which can make your pool lighting as much decorative as it is functional. The following article will show you the various pool lighting options that are available as a pool owner.

1. LED Lighting

Replacing traditional pool lighting with LED lights offers you a very bright solution to otherwise dull lights. You can also use different colored LED lights to add a decorative quality to the pool lighting. LED lights are more expensive than the traditional bulbs and other forms of pool lighting but they'll last a long time and are more economical to power.

2. Fiber Optic Lights

Fiber optic cables are used to provide lights for toys to something as complicated as telecommunications. This technology consists of long strands of thin glass no larger than a piece of human hair. For pool lighting a light box is used to generate the light which shines through the fiber optic strand. The light reflects off the casing to maintain the brightness over long distances. Fiber optic pool lighting can last forever, comes in multiple colors, do not put off UV light and is completely waterproof.

3. Color Changing Lights

This type of lightning is popular in hot tubs and spas. The lights will often change color (if you select it) to give a soothing ambiance. This same decorative lighting can be added to your pool. The best lighting method to use is fiber optics due to the ease of installation and the external light box makes it easy to change lighting colors.

4. Music and Light Symphony

Music is always a welcomed addition to a hot tub soak or a swim and lighting also helps to create and set a mood. Your pool can become a center of fun and entertainment by synchronizing the lights to music. This idea has become popular over the years as a way to enhance a home during Christmas. Many families have begun creating elaborate shows using lights that turn on and off to music. This project, though seemingly difficult, isn't as hard as it seems as the technology used for the home at Christmas time can be used with your pool lighting.

5. Lightning Designs

With regular pool lighting it is nearly impossible to create any kind of designs out of the lights. With the use of LED and fiber optics this is now possible. You can create a design on a home computer and print it out as a guide. This guide can be transferred to wherever you want the lightning design. Holes can then be drilled and the lights subsequently installed.