5 Island Sink Installation Tips

Plumbing in an island sink during your kitchen remodeling is a highly challenging project. Island sinks cannot be vented in the same ways as ordinary kitchen sinks and they require a different type of plumbing option.

Install Plumbing Vents

Plumbing vents are necessary in order for enough air flow to keep the pressure in the pipes. Plumbing vents help the water and waste remain in motion while traveling in the pipes. If a flow has insufficient pressure it will create a debris build up which will clog your drainage pipes. Too fast a flow will create a backflow in the water pressure and will cause sewer gas to back track into your kitchen. The specifically designed vent for an island sink has an up flow which loops higher than a regular vent. It must rise higher than 6 inches from the horizontal pipe to create the right level of pressure.

Garbage Disposal

Most homeowners prefer a garbage disposal unit as an addition to their sink and kitchen appliances. The sanitary and cleanout adapter must be replaced with a flat patterned cleanout tee in order for the garbage disposal unit to function correctly. On the occasion that the drainage pipe may become plugged or clogged it will allow better clearance and redistribution of the pipe.


Some kitchens are not suited to receive an island in the middle. There needs to be at least 3 feet of space between the island and the wall cabinet units. Doors that you install in the island must also have clearance to open all the way and not hit the opposing cabinets. If you intend on installing an island sink in your kitchen make sure that you have the right amount of room to stand and be able to use the sink.

Type of Sink

Stainless steel sinks are far better for heavy use. They are easy to clean and do not stain like molded vinyl sinks can. Installing a stainless steel sink in your island will look very contemporary and timeless. There are various styles of sink which you may choose from. A sunken sink is a style with which the work top fits around the lip of the sink, leaving it slightly indented under the surface. Fitting this type of sink requires you to secure the sink unit before laying the work surface on the top. You must also decide whether you need a sink with drainer attached or whether the work surface next to the sink will have drainage indents.

Size of Sink

Do not choose a sink that is too large for the island, unless you have plenty surrounding work space to utilize. Having too large a sink to the proportions of the island will reduce surrounding work surface area and usable space. For example, under counter cupboard storage will be lessened if the sink takes up too much space, unless that is your main purpose. Plan your island sink clearly for the best benefit.