5 Koi Pond Design Ideas

Your Koi pond design should be unique, relaxing, and reflect your lifestyle.  With a few creative pond design ideas, it can be a backyard oasis that creates aesthetic harmony and functional bliss.

Idea One – Angular Ponds

These ponds make use of concrete with sharp, angular lines to create a crisp aesthetic.  Clean lines balance the gentle curves of the fish, and stiff plant life creates perpendicular lines that look fresh and modern.

Idea Two – Informal Ponds

Informal ponds are characterized by more natural-looking stone and rock, brush-type plant life, and even pebble or sandy bottoms.  They are defined by their natural look and sloping sides, which are reminiscent of natural ponds.

Idea Three – Waterfall Ponds

Characterized by waterfalls, these ponds differ in almost every other way.  A waterfall pond can be large or small, informal or formal, angular or rounded.  The waterfall creates a focal point in the pond and allows for further aeration and healthier Koi.

Idea Four – Multilayered Ponds

While many of these ponds include waterfalls, their main central idea is to create water flow that is pleasant to the eye.  These ponds begin on a higher level, and water travels down over colored rocks, through attractive flowers or plants, and ends up in a main basin where Koi reside.

Idea Five – Natural Ponds

While all natural ponds are informal, not all informal ponds are natural.  With this more costly design, pond owners create a pond that reflects the natural habitat found in their area including water life, plant life, and sediment.  Before choosing this design, check to make sure that Koi fish are a natural population in local waters.