5 Limestone Tile Design Tips

Limestone tile is made of a sedimentary rock that contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Most of the lime stones have granular and rough texture with tiny pieces of fossil animal shells. The limestone may have a unique color ranging from white to golden brow, but bones, oatmeal, coffee or flint in the stone can give different color to a tile. Consider the following tips as you plan to use limestone tile in your home.

1. Mosaic

If you want a uniquely designed tile made from limestone, you can opt to have a mosaic design. This is made by putting together several pieces of tiles in different or symmetrical shapes to come up with a picture or an abstract design. You can have the mosaic customized to your taste and desire, giving you a one-of-a-kind limestone tile design.

2. Pure White

If you are designing a tile for your bathroom, you can go for the classically designed bathroom in all white. With this design, you will never go wrong even after several decades have passed. An advantage of having a pure white tile design is that you will not have a hard time matching up your bathroom accessories with your tile color. You can easily add bright hues as a contrast to the stark whiteness of your bathroom.

3. Checkerboard

A common style tip for your tiles is to mimic the checkerboard with the help of two colors. Though this style type may be common, you can add a twist of your own personality by choosing color combinations that match your tastes. For a classic look, you can stick with black and white, or for a modern look, you can choose bright blues and greens.

4. Two-Toned Bathroom Wall Tile

It is now common to see bathroom wall tiles that have two different design or color. Usually, the color of the tiles for the bottom wall is of a darker hue than the tiles on the top part. You can mix and match colors by picking colors of the same hue but with different shades for your bathroom wall or two completely different hues that you think are appealing to the eyes.

5. Mix and Match

A lot of modern bathrooms or rooms sport differently patterned, shaped and colored tiles. You can find fat rectangular tiles mixed with thin rectangular tiles in a single room. This gives a room a much appealing look, making it a bit livelier than to boring and monotonous tiles. Do not be afraid to mix and match differently sized tiles in one room. You can also experiment with different colors and designs.