5 Mini Golf Course Designs for Your Backyard

The use of golf course designs can prove useful to create a mini course in your backyard, in the event that it comprises sufficient room. This will make it necessary to be aware of the types of designs that can be used within the confines of a backyard. By using the right design, you will find it possible to enjoy the pastime closer to home.

1 – Maze

Using a maze type pattern for golf course designs will enable you to create a linear design that will allow you to make straight shots from one hole to the next. This design is ideal for use in a backyard that comprises limited room for the laying of a home golf course. Considering the layout of a maze and using this template as a guide for where to position the holes, you will be able to create a basic design to help improve your game.

2 – Hills and Valleys

Incorporate some obstacles to help you create golf course designs that will allow you to develop your skills. This will make it especially easy to install a golf course in a backyard that comprises an uneven surface. Digging holes will enable you to create sand pits, while laying earth and replacing the turf will enable you to create hills. By placing the holes strategically around these additions, you will be able to achieve a round of golf that offers more of a challenge.        

3 – Circular

Using a circular pattern for golf course designs will enable you to create an effective pattern for your backyard. Curved lines will enable you to position the holes in a variety of places that will allow you to enjoy a game of golf in your backyard. This will also give you the option of using different holes from one shot to the next depending on the direction in which you are facing. Concentric circles can be used alongside curved lines, which can be as tight or as wide as necessary to create the desired design.     

4 – Obstacles

Incorporate obstacles into golf course designs in order to create a course that resembles a crazy golf course. This will allow you to be creative in the design that you install, enabling you to be as complicated or as simple as desired. Similarly, you can combine obstacles with a standard flat golf course green to obtain a number of different options as a result. You will also be able to scatter the obstacles widely over the entire course in order to avoid a course that is too cluttered.  

5 – Bordered

A bordered golf course will allow you to create a design in a determined shape that will help you to keep the ball on course. This type of design can make use of slight borders that are high enough to prevent the ball form going off course, while still allowing you to move about freely. The shape of the design can be whichever one is desired and it will help you to improve your shots on the course.