5 Mirror Tile Centerpiece Ideas 5 Mirror Tile Centerpiece Ideas

There are so many different ways that you can use mirror tiles as part of your centerpieces for tables. Adding a centerpiece to the table is one of the home accents you can use to tie in the decor throughout your home. Along with painting and decorating, centerpieces have become a popular item in almost every home. Here are a few different ideas on how to use your mirror tile in a centerpiece.

1 - Using Glass Vase and Votive Candles

Start by placing your mirror tiles on your table. Then, add a pretty glass vase to the middle of the tiles. Add your favorite color or scented votive candle inside the glass vase. You can tie a piece of ribbon around the vase or take a few flowers (either artificial or real) and spread them around the base of the vase on top of the mirror tiles.

2 - Using Taper Candles

Purchase several inexpensive taper candles in the scent and color you would like. While you are at the craft store, get several glass taper candleholders. Place the candleholders on top of your mirrored tiles. Then, place your candles inside the candleholders. Put as many candles on top of the mirror tiles that you would like, but avoid over cluttering the space.

3 - Add Fish to a Fish Bowl

Another really inexpensive way to use mirror tiles is below a bowl filled with water and fish. The light reflects from the mirror tile all the way into the fish bowl. Try adding different colored rocks to the fish bowl and different types of fish vegetation. The fish will naturally be attracted to the mirror tiles. This is such a fun centerpiece for any table, or even wedding.

4 - Large Candles and Rock

If you are looking to create a very simple but stylish centerpiece, purchase a few larger candles that can fit on top of your mirror tiles. You should only be able to place 3 or 4 candles comfortably on the mirror tile. Take a bag of rock, in a color that suits your decorating style inside your home, and spread it between the 3 or 4 candles present. Now, light your candle and enjoy the illumination and the scents that come from a trio of burning candles

5 - Pretty Flower Tops

Take a trip to the garden and snip off a few of the tops of flowers that have opened almost fully. Place the flower tops inside a small votive candle holder and add a couple of them on top of a small mirror tile. The mirror will reflect the colors of the flowers and will add style and delicateness to any room that you are looking to spruce up. You can also add a couple small votive candles if you have room on the mirror tile as an accent.

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