5 Most Effective Crappie Lures

Choosing crappie lures is generally a simple task because these fish eating most types of bait. Crappie are a popular pan fish that provide a lot of sport in catching them. They are also a great fish for eating. The following lures effective in catching crappie. 

1 - Feathered Jigs

These are small, furry textured lures with feathery tails that imitate insects and bait fish. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors and are inexpensive and durable. These lures can be made at home using some pipe cleaners and string. Smaller white and yellow jigs are the most effective for crappie fishing.

2 - Minnow Imitation Jigs

These plastic jigs slide up the hook and are made to look like minnows. They are available in many sizes and colors. Pink and blue are very effective in catching crappie.

3 - Grub Imitation Jigs

These soft plastic lures have curled tails making them look like grubs or larva. They are also available in a variety of sizes and colors. They provide a great deal of motion in the water.

4 - Skirted Tubes

Tube lures that have contrasting colored skirts are an excellent lure for crappie. Tube lures with bright tails do better in cloudy water and ones with bright heads are better in clear water. 

5 - Spinners

Smaller spinners tend to be more effective when fishing for crappie. These lures do better with gold blades than silver ones.