5 Must Have Plumbing Products

Plumbing tools near a toilet.

If you’re planning on doing plumbing work on your home, there are a number of plumbing products you need to have in order to carry out your work. Some will only be used occasionally but others are products you’ll use over and over again. This guide will show you which products are really important. Before doing any plumbing work you should invest in these tools. As the years pass they’ll pay for themselves several times over. It’s also worth investing in a special toolbox just for plumbing equipment so you’re not rooting through everything every time you start a job.

1. Wrenches

You’ll use wrenches over and over again when you’re working on plumbing. Buy a set of adjustable wrenches because there will be times that you’ll need to use more than one at a time. Having a full set is important since you’ll be working on different sizes of pipes in different spaces. This way, you’ll be sure to have one that fits.

You should also buy a pipe wrench. This is a special tool that allows you to tighten the nuts around faucets from underneath via an extended neck. It can save a lot of wear and tear on your hands and shorten the job.

2. Plumber’s Tape

A man uses plumber's tape.

If you’re joining pipes, you'll also need a good supply of plumber’s tape, often known as teflon or PTFE tape. This goes over the thread of a fixture before you tighten it and creates a stronger, waterproof seal. You should always use it when connecting pipes this way. Always keep it in your toolbox.

3. Torch

If you’re working with copper pipe, at some point you’ll need to sweat fittings. To do this, you’ll need to heat the pipe first to work it into the fitting. To accomplish this, you’ll need a torch with gas.

Make sure there’s plenty of gas in the cylinder and buy a replacement to keep on hand. You should also have a disposable lighter to light the flame of the torch as well as safety glasses. Practice first to learn how to use it and master the art of sweating pipes.

4. Plungers

A plunger.

Everyone has experienced clogged toilets and sinks at some point and using the correct plunger is the best way to get rid of the blockages. For sinks and tubs, always have a standard cup plunger on hand. For toilets, however, this isn’t particularly effective as many people will have already discovered. For that, search out a flange plunger which forms a suction point over the bottom of the toilet bowl; it’s a valuable investment.

5. Sink Auger

When a plunger won’t move a clog in a sink, you will need an auger and it’s something you’ll use many times over the years. It’s a cable made of flexible steel that unwinds from a drum. The auger from the tips works through the clog and clears it.

However, you shouldn’t use a regular auger on the toilet. Instead, buy a special toilet auger or closet auger, which is designed specifically for this particular task.