5 Necessary Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools

If you are going to be working with sheet metal, you will need the proper sheet metal fabrication tools to do the job. Here is a listing of some of the sheet metal fabrication tools that you may need:

1. Drilling Machines

A drilling machine is a necessity for sheetmetal jobs. Drilling machines are tools used in to put holes in the sheet metal.

2. Vertical or Horizontal Belt Grinder

This tool is used to grind and make the sheet metal sections level so they can be used. It works on two speeds and grinds the metal into the proper smoothness.

3. Hand Punches

This small tool is still very important in sheet metal fabrication. It is used to make holes in the lighter steel panels and looks somewhat like a wrench. It can cut metals like copper and aluminum.

4. Tubing Benders

This tool is used to bend copper piping and other types of metal. It is made of steel and has a special arm tool that is put into a pipe and then pushes so that the pipe bends as needed.

5. Shrinker and Stretcher

This strange sounding tool is used in sheet metal fabrication when the mechanic needs to stretch or shrink a piece of sheet metal so it can be made into the desired shapes.