5 of the Best Dune Buggy Kits

If you are looking to build a dune buggy from scratch or improve your existing dune buggy, you will probably want to invest in a good dune buggy kit. Dune buggy kits range in price, feature set and purpose. To help you navigate your way through the options available to you, below you will find a list of the top five dune buggy kits you can buy.

1. Roll Cage Kit

Dune buggies, almost by definition, are built to be driven fast and hard. If you are a frequent dune buggy rider, you have probably encountered situations where the potential for injury was high. A roll cage kit is a fantastic investment because it will go a long way towards keeping you safe in the event of an accident. Roll cages help by absorbing much of the shock of an impact, and by stiffening the chassis of a dune buggy. Roll cage kits come in fiberglass and metal options. Fiberglass roll cages will be more expensive on average, but are lighter and will save you money on fuel expenses in the long run.

2. Custom Bonnet Kid

Like a roll cage, custom bonnets can help absorb a large amount of shock from a front-side impact. Custom bonnet kits are designed for both the front and back of a dune buggy and are designed to help strengthen that part of your kart. The recommended material for custom bonnet kits is fiberglass because you want to keep the weight in the front of your dune buggy as light as possible.

3. Nudge Bar Kit

Concentrating still on safety, nudge bars are crutial for safety, as they help absorb much of the shock of an impact. They are typically attached to the front and/or rear of your dune buggy and act as shock absorbers when you collide with something. Nudge bars are extremely efficient at taking the vast majority of the load from an accident, and they are strongly recommended for anyone racing dune buggies against others. Nudge bars are relatively streamlined, and should fit easily over teh front bumper of your dune buggy or over the back wheels.

4. Door Sill Kits

This type of kit is much more cosmetic than the other kits mentioned above. Just like any other vehicle, dune buggies have doors that are constantly being opened and closed, and every time that happens there is the potential for scratches to develop, costing you significant amounts of money in repair costs over time. Door sill kits will reduce this problem by coating the entire sill of the door frame with a layer of rubber to tighten this seal and prevent scratching from occurring.

5. Interior Kits

Aesthetics are of course very important to many dune buggy riders, and interior kits can go a long way in making your dune buggy customized and memorable. Professional racing seats and racing seatbelts are among the most popular interior kits, but the options do not stop there. You can also buy interior dune buggy kits that will include back seats if your dune buggy is big enough to support this option.