5 Patio Swing Canopy Materials

Relaxing in the sun under a patio swing canopy can make a perfect break in a day. A canopy can reduce the effects of a hot sun to make the day seem cooler and offer protection against the errant rain cloud.


A canvas patio canopy will be very strong and will stand being outside in all weathers. It can be made in a wide variety of colors and designs.


PVC and other plastic material make good canopies. The water proof element will help to protect the patio swing. These materials are now very versatile and can mimic the appearance of more expensive materials like lace.


Cotton is a light material that can be made stronger by the way it is woven. Cotton is a bright option with virtually endless color and design options. For a nice luxury touch, real lace is hard to beat.


Wicker is a woven material made from canes and grasses. It is a natural material that blends in quite nicely with the garden ambiance. Clever use of different grasses can make wicker a very attractive proposition.


Wooden boards or composite boards make very good canopies. The boards don’t need to be heavy and when painted with different designs can look very dramatic.