5 Pond Waterfall Design Ideas

The pond waterfall design you choose should depend on the size and style of your garden.


Precast Concrete Design

Buying a ready-made, precast concrete design is the simplest option and is the most convenient solution for the time-pressed gardener. A wide variety of styles are available and this option means that you can install the waterfall in a very short time.


Traditional Natural Rock

A traditional rock pond waterfall design will blend into a natural looking garden, especially if waterside plants are left to grow around it in a loose, unstructured manner. Rocks can be sourced from the garden itself, or from garden or building supply stores.


Bricks and Blocks

A modern gardener might choose a pond waterfall design made of bricks and construction blocks. The clean, square edges fit well in an urban environment.


Japanese Bamboo

Japanese bamboo waterfalls use large pieces of the grass, cut in half, to channel the water in an attractive design. They have an oriental appeal and fit with both modern and traditional gardens.