5 Popular Ideas for Ceiling Fan Blade Covers 5 Popular Ideas for Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

Installing a ceiling fan blade cover over your fan blades is an excellent way to change the scenery in any room of your house. Increasing the eyes appeal is one benefit to adding a ceiling fan blade cover. Now add in the benefit of increased air flow, and the protection it gives your blades from becoming disgusting and you have an amazing outcome with one simple little change. Below you can explore and discover five of the most popular designs for blade covers.

1 - Crayons

If you are looking to cover the fan blades in your child's room, look no further than exactly what theme of his or her room is right now. There are numerous covers available to fit just about any kids room theme, however, crayons seem to be where it is at when covering those blades. The crayon covers come with each blade being a different color, and of course the covers are shaped like crayons. This adds color, design, and fun to any child's room.

2 - Plaid or Paisley

Another option that is pretty popular is purchasing blade covers that have a plaid or paisley print to them. Depending on which room you are covering your blades in, these patterns can add just enough touch to leave it looking put together. This option is used a lot in downstairs dens, or offices. Another popular place homeowners are putting their paisley prints are in their craft, or scrap booking rooms.

3 - Painted Designs

If you have a room that has a unique theme to it, or are simply looking for a simpler blade cover, there are covers out there that simply have designs painted on the bottom of them. They are not designed into any shape, nor are they completely covered in any kind of pattern. Usually they are found in ivory with the painting being on the bottom. These paintings can range anywhere from lighthouses, to hip and modern patterns.

4 - Leaf-Shaped

One of the most popular designs for a blade cover is a leaf shaped cover. This is a cover that resembles the shape of a leaf. This looks and actually feels great in any room that has that "fresh" look to it. The details in this blade cover are great. They capture the real look of a leaf, which brings the whole room together. 

5 - Palm Shape

Going just a step further than the leaf shape. The most popular ceiling fan blade cover is a palm shaped ceiling fan blade cover. This cover resembles the shape of a palm tree leaf, and adds that tropical island feel to whichever room you are working in. This is most popular usually because of the crispness it brings to a room. It brings an airy feel to the room.

You can find fan blade covers ranging from your simplistic ivory, to a more complex palm shape cover. Know what you are looking for, and always maintain your room's style, as well as your own style in mind when picking them out.


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